State of mind

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Everything is just a state of mind and we live in the world of sadness….

Nobody loves you and even like you as a truly deeply do..

Coz we’re all selfish human being like others…

I’m a fucking freak who lives in a fucking geek world!!!

How strange is that..

I love myself maybe..

I hate myself maybe…

Simply sure things is a must in this fuckin static world….

Shit me!!

I’m an unstable person in a stable life…

Fuck Fuck Fuck

Sad Sad Sad

Shit Shit Shit

Life so sucks

Well Don’t read that it isn’t me.

God is human?

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God created human

Human created human

Is it human playing God

Or is it God playing human

Love Life Lust

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Love Life Lust

Love Life Sex

Love Life Money

Life Love Lust

Life Love Sex

Life Love Money

Lust Life Love

Lust Life Sex

Lust Life Money

Sex Love Life

Sex Love Lust

Sex Love Money

Money Life Love

Money Life Lust

Money Life Sex

When I Love Someone It Goes to Waste

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Why when I love someone it always goes to waste
And it seems like the world is turn around
Suddenly I feel
Why we still want to falling in love if we already know that someday it will broken
Someday our heart gone fall into pieces
Maybe the pieces of live, love, lust or anything
R we stupid enough??
Why r we doing it??
Just To get hurt?
To feel love?
To get some experience?
But we know we always start from beginning
Again n again


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Why is so hard to forgetting U
Why is so sad when you leaving me
I couldn’t stop thinking about you
Every second, every minute every hour every day just you
Every time I see you
I feel pain
Sorrows in my tears will never ending
Still waiting till your return
Still don’t want to try
Still don’t want to face the reality
That you never going to be back again
That this relationship will always goes to waste
Never coming back
Always cry
Always begging for you
But you aren’t here
Not even close enough to be reach by my heart
You turning into something you are not
Changing just like that
Like you don’t even care
To me
To you
To us


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Tears in my eyes
Is not a tear at all
But it looks like
A falling star

Nobody can see it easily
If you see it
You can’t do anything
But silent and watch it falling

My heart is broken
Like a broken arrow
You couldn’t use it
It’s useless

Nobody wants to stick it again
It’s better to change
Change a new one
The arrow of your love


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Don’t classified
Do not hesitate
Keep pacify
And never satisfy

A Smile to start your day
A joke to bright your friends
A love to fill you in
A tear to cry your pain
A mother to guide your life
But no one knows and understands you well
Except yourself…

Love is the key for everything
Its answer all your questions
It’s solve all your problems
You’ll fell free when you’re in love
So be in love
Love everyone
Say it now
Say it every time

Do you know what pain feel?
It feels hurts
Do you know what hurts mean?
It means scar
Do you know how to cure it?
It can’t be cured
Do you know why it can’t be cured?
It’s because nobody can’t cured it
Do you know why nobody can’t cure it?
It’s because just you can only cured it

I feel empty
I feel rejected
It seems like everybody is leaving me

A Question

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If God is exist
Why He hate me so much
Why I feel empty
Why I feel sad
Why I feel rejected
Why I feel neglected
Why I feel lost
Why I never get what I want
Why everyone I love must leaving me
Why everyone hates me
Why I hate everyone
Isn’t hatred so human?

My Mind

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Be quiet don’t disturb
Someone is sleeping
Don’t make him awake
Coz he never existed
What should he do when he’s awake?
What should I tell to him?
Where he came from
Why he fall asleep for such along time
How did I found him?
How we met each other
Is it our destiny?
Is it our mind controlling our body?
Is it our body controlling our mind?
Why this could happen to me
To him
To us

I don’t care about tomorrow coz tomorrow never come
Now I’m alone again
I can’t change the way I used to be
I want to be strong
But I always fragile
Why my life turn into grey
My soul faded to dust
I feel empty
My head spinning

Night after night
It’s all seems perfect
But there are moments when I feel nothing at all
Same as always now its repeating again
It’s all fall over again

Night after night
You say you move on
Now I was hoping you’re back
I don’t know
I don’t know

Don’t feel sorry coz there’s no reason for us to fight anymore
Tears are coming
And years are going
I hope we learn something

I don’t want to feel
Coz I don’t want to feel hurts
Not again and again
I always do the same thing over and over again


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Kenapa rasa ini tidak hilang
Kenapa dia tidak kunjung pergi dari hatiku
Kenapa aku ingin sendiri
Kenapa aku ingin lari dari sini
Kenapa aku selalu sedih
Kenapa aku tidak pernah bisa mendapatkan apa yang aku mau
Kenapa aku tidak pernah merasa puas
Kenapa aku selalu merasa jauh dari ragaku
Kenapa aku selalu merasa semua meninggalkan kusendiri
Kenapa aku selalu merasa tak ada yang pernah mencintaiku
Kenapa aku selalu merasa sakit hati
Kenapa sakit ini tak kunjung padam
Kenapa sakit ini tak kunjung Hilang
Kenapa aku selalu ingin mati


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Disaat dia datang kita senang
Disaat dia dekat kita tidak memperhatikannya
Disaat dia jauh kita kehilangan
Disaat dia pergi kita menyesal dan berharap untuk kembali
Disaat kita senang dia ada
Disaat kita sedih dia menyadarkan kita untuk menghargai
Jadi kita harus senang2 terus?
Atau sedih2 terus?
Untuk apa?
Untuk mendapatkan sebuah kebahagiaan?
Untuk mendapatkan sebuah harapan?
Untuk tetap bertahan?
Apakah itu cinta?


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Jalan-jalan ke pasar
Jalan-jalan ke taman
Jalan-jalan ke kota besar
Jalan-jalan ke desa
Jalan-jalan ke rumah teman
Jalan-jalan ke mal
Jalan-jalan ke luar negri
Jalan-jalan ramai2
Jalan-jalan sendirian
Jalan-jalan kemana
Jalan-jalan kesini
Jalan-jalan kesitu
Jalan-jalan terus
Jalan-jalan sampai kapan
Jalan-jalan sampai capek
Jalan-jalan sampai tua
Jalan-jalan sampai ga bisa jalan


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Makan apa
Makan nasi
Makan ayam
Makan tahu
Makan tempe
Makan hati
Makan temen
Makan makan
Makan dimakan
Makan dimakam?


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Rasa ini sudah begitu memuncak
Sudah menggerogoti semua hati ku
Sudah meracuni pikiranku
Sudah membunuh ragaku
Sakit yang tak pernah bisa hilang
Sakit yang tidak pernah ada obatnya
Sampai ke ujung dunia pun tak akan pernah ada
Penyakit yang tidak pernah bisa disembuhkan oleh siapapun
Dokter terkenal, profesor ahli sekalipun
Susah makan
Susah tidur
Ingin mati
Kadang menangis
Kadang tertawa
Tidak mau apa2
Cuma mau dia
Cuma mau kamu
Hanya itu

Hello world!

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